Jacqui Carrel

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In short

I take you from where you are now to a place where you are losing your excess weight for good, gaining health, energy and zing in the process, and also becoming free of the issues that prevented you from doing all this effectively before. I do this with a refreshing and proven mix of coaching, discovery and Rapid Transformational Therapy™️ and no fads or gimmicks whatsoever.


I’ve been there before and understand the sheer frustration of trying to lose weight, only to get hungry in the process, be miserable all the while, lose some weight and then have it all plus more pile back on. I’ve lost my excess weight without going hungry and, in the process, knocked my incredible fatigue and ill health on the head and got rid of my pre-diabetic state.

There is so much out there on how to lose weight, and so often the information and gimmicky courses come with many restrictions and ‘one size fits all’ approaches. That really upsets me, because I know that with the right guidance, you can lose your fat for good, and benefit, not suffer, in the process.

Too often I have seen people lose weight, only to be derailed by an event in their life because they haven’t identified and got rid of specific old, subconscious beliefs that held them back in the first place. That’s so sad to see, when it could have been pre-empted in the first place and I love to help find those triggers, old beliefs, pluck them out and replace them with better, positive ones that are much more applicable to the people they are today.

One of my greatest pleasures is seeing people blossom in health, sparkle and self-confidence, even before much weight has shifted…and then we just know the rest will follow in an enjoyable and rewarding way.


Using my knowledge and experience of teaching, therapy, coaching, writing and workshops, I take through a step-by-step, simple-to-follow process. At the same time, I leave room for ‘you’ because your physiological and emotional triggers and needs are different to everyone else’s.

All you must do is commit to the process and it will work.

You’ll soon notice all sorts of NSVs (‘non-scale victories’) such as:

  • A positive change in energy
  • Your waistband becoming looser
  • Your skin becoming clearer, smoother and brighter
  • A sparkle in your eyes
  • Clothes fitting so much better – and soon becoming too big
  • Not asking for a seatbelt extender on the plane
  • Being able to bend over and tie laces without gasping for breath

In addition, you’ll find out what it is that was keeping you overweight – usually subconscious beliefs from some time ago, and often from childhood. These may have served you well then but need to be updated and upgraded now: we cover this too.

Equally importantly, you’ll discover what it is that can derail you… and what to do instead so that you stay right on track.

Others will also notice positive changes in you very soon, and they’ll be asking what you’ve done or wonder if you’ve been on holiday!

Compliments will come your way again and again, and you’ll feel even more empowered to carry on.


The journey I have been on and the different qualifications and trainings I’ve done over many years meant I was able to put systems in place that will help you. These systems are customisable to your exact needs and we’ll explore these together.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to have a quick discovery session where we determine the root issue(s) of why you’re not losing weight – or, if you do, why it doesn’t stay off. Once we’re clear on that, we will discuss your goals.

After that, we believe you are a good fit and that you are fully committed to a great outcome, we’ll talk about that.

If it ends up not being a good fit, we’ll still point you in the right direction of resources or others that can help you.

3. Who is Jacqui Carrel?

Jacqui likes to stand up for people. She has done this in her former career or teaching and lecturing and carries on with passion in the fields of environment and health, which she believes have a big overlap.

She is not afraid to stick her head above the parapet and thus appears frequently in the local media (newspapers, radio and TV), often holding politicians to account. Jacqui also questions the fads out there and checks out the science and psychology of claims made by the diet, food and pharmaceutical industries.

People are advised to start their writing careers by writing for small publications, building up ‘cuttings’ and then, in trepidation, approaching larger publications. Jacqui went straight to the top and her first article was in the glossy magazine ‘She’.

Since then she has written articles, leaflets, ebooks, Kindle, books and courses on a number of subjects, both ghost-written and in her name. She also runs and presents workshops and seminars for businesses and the public.

While she is currently developing courses and writing her next book, Jacqui is restricting her public writing to a column in the Jersey Evening Post.

When Jacqui works with weight-loss clients, she does this through a proven, effective and positive mix of coaching, discovery and Rapid Transformational Therapy™️.

Jacqui is an accomplished teacher, trainer, coach, speaker, hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist and Nutritional Therapist.

…and in case you think this is all theory, be assured Jacqui has been there and gets it! After all help from doctors and hundreds of diet books failed, she worked out her own system, dropped from a UK size 18 to a 10 and transformed from an exhausted, bedridden patient with little self-confidence to an energetic, active and confident weight loss trainer and coach.

Some People We’ve Worked With



"My energy and confidence were at an all-time low and my wardrobe was limited to loose-fitted tops and skirts. So……nearly a month later I have dropped a dress size and can get into that all-important dress! I feel and look better have more energy and my skin looks clearer."



"Until I met you, I truly believed I would never be able to lose weight. Now I feel so much better and I have gone down three dress sizes and a shoe size. I now know I can, and will, get to the weight I want!"



"Before I met you, I would go on eating binges – and it was all junk food. Now I have control over my eating, have wonderful meals and, as my health returns, the weight is dropping off. I feel so much more confident too!"



"I took part in an arduous sponsored walk and finished it, but it was difficult, and I was tired for days afterwards. Following your coaching, I did it again: I knocked two hours off my previous time and sprinted to the finish!"